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About ''The Big Chew''

You should come to digestive park. Wanna know why. Of course you do because it will be a fun and experimental way to learn about the digestive system. You will learn about the mechanical and chemical digestion.

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We also have other rides like ''The Esophagus'' and ''The Small and Large Intestents'' in one ride. We also have fun pet farms like Pancreas pets well you may ask how will animals teach us about the digestive system because they will be dressed up like food and have a microphone on the costume and we will talk for them . this is expesily for the little ones. We also have a place were you go in a tunnel and its dark and you learn about the stomach because little mouses come out and sing a song. So I will give you a sneck peek. So first the food goes through your mouth and teeth and saliva chop it up and goes through the esophagus then in the stomach it breaks the food with hydrochloric acid then the small intestents and in the pancreras and liver also large intestents also the rectum then the anus and you can figure out what comes next.