Spanish I

Señor Michael Guillen

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Welcome to Spanish I, the Introduction to the Spanish Language with Señor Michael Guillen. This class is meant to introduce students who have never taken a Spanish class and are second language learners. Spanish I will introduce students to some basic key concepts of the Spanish language such as verb conjugations, vocabulary, and culture.

This course will utilize technology to enhance the learning experience. Sites like Quizlet, Conjuguemos, and Edmodo will help each student learn and review the vocabulary and conjugations for each unit.

With Spanish being the second most spoken language in the United States, it would be extremely useful for your child to learn the language as it will give them an edge when they graduate over monolinguals. This course will only introduce the student to the language so it is highly recommended for your student to move on to the Spanish II class as well.

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Michael Guillen

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