Tech Tip Tuesday

22 March 2016


TubeChop allows you to chop out key points on YouTube videos. See an example here. i cut out one part of a video tutorial I had created to focus on one key part (what saved Gale articles look like on your Google Drive).

Here's how it works.

Bad News...

Unfortunately, this will work best for things your post for students to use at home. The filter still blocks it for students since it links back to YouTube.

I can see this being very useful if you want students to focus on a particular part of a longer video. It's quick and easy to use, and for now, it's free!

Are you a reader?

Check out the new place for students and staff to post book reviews! Instructions are included for both audio book reviews and written book reviews in Google Slides. The best way for students to find new books is by seeing what others help us out!

The reviews will be posted on the library's main page and the Library Catalog link.


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