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Lack of Field Trips

Students at school need more field trips. Right now it's the 3rd Quarter and we haven't even had one. We need field trips because field trips are like rewards for us students. It even helps the school with fundage because we have to pay to go.

Field Trip Fundage

The school says it's probably too much money to have a nice field trip but really, it is us students who are paying to make the field trip possible. Field trips are around 25 to 60 dollars. There is really no excuse to not having a field trip.

Field Trip Idea's

Why We Deserve Field Trips

Why We Deserve Field Trips

We are hard working students, We need breaks because the amount of work we do is a lot. Even the teachers can get a break out of a field trip so this benefits all at school. It makes money for the school and gives the students and teachers a break.