All About Me

Keaton Zimmerman-Health Class

What I enjoy!!!

I enjoy.....


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My family

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Hunting and Fishing

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Xboxing with friends

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Thursday, Sep. 28th 2000 at 7:45am

Iowa City IA

I like eating shrimp..
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I am good at.....

Swimming, football, math, english, baseball, hunting, science, and snowboarding.

I like.......

Playing xbox with friends, snowboarding, wrestling.

I dislike.....

When people fight, people yell, having brothers get something and you DON"T, somebody smacking their gum (Zach).

More about me......

I have good friends, I play a lot of sports, I am very active, I like doughnuts and shrimp but I eat a healthy diet, Mrs. Eckenrod is my neighbor, I have a dog named Oliver, and I swear he has the biggest eyes in the world, I live in a house of 6, me, Zach, Brody, Matt (Dad), Sara (Mom), Zach is my twin bro and we are 13. I like playing xbox with Grayson and Raynen. I have Kik, Instagram, and Facebook.

Predators baseball....

Zach, Jordan, Me, Garrett, Drew, Clayton, Austin, Dylan, Jack, Zach L., Gage.
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I relax by.....

I don't relax by reading a book infront of a warm fireplace, I relax by playing xbox with Raynen or Grayson, or snowboarding with Mikey, I text friends, Instagram, or am on facebook.
This isn't my dads 1974 Nova, but it's pretty close. Hopefully I get to drive it in a couple of years.
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