Gen. Joseph Dunford, Jr.

Head Marine Corps General

A Family Tradition

General Joseph Dunford, Junior comes a full fledged family that are willing to serve and die for their country, and they were of high ranking officers. So he wanted to follow in his families foot steps of his father, just like his father followed his father. He known for his optimism and his way of looking on the bright side of things.

Dunford has many traits such as courage and wit, but the one that sticks out the most to people is his optimism and looking on the better side of things. During an interview General Dunford was asked about his optimism because recent that "supposely couldn't work" but he saw it differently, and when asked him he thought he himself were optimistic he said "You can accuse me of being an optimist and I’ll plead guilty," when he replied. Of course Dunford has many other traits such as courage , from him just accepting the highest rank and the largest resposibility known in the Marine Corps, and selflessness, because of him wanting to serve his country.