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Importance Of Open Space in Your Home

What is the role of open space?

Looking at the scarcity of living space, builders mainly focus on the living space in order to provide accommodation to maximum people. Yes, living space is the main concern for you while looking for a home but you should not ignore the importance of open space in home. For instance, you may prefer to look for an apartment which has ample space for living but then you forget that the open space is also equally important for a healthy living. Better natural light, proper ventilation, accommodation to guests etc are some of the concerns that mark the significance of open space in your home.

Importance of Open Space

Most of the real estate developers are ignorant towards the consequences of not focussing on open space in your home. As mentioned above, your home should have adequate open space apart from living area, as your family include members of different age group and space plays a crucial role in how they adapt themselves with the home. Here are few important points discussed which illustrate the usefulness of open space in your home:
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First. Stress-relief: Open space, if equipped with some flowers or even small garden within your home can help you in relaxing your mind. Open space also has a psychological impact on brain and it can be of assistance in enhancing your thought process. You can also try to widen up the passage by eliminate some of the unnecessary doorways, in order to make the move from one room to another easy.

Second. Natural light resource: Using large windows, wherever possible, can be a good source of natural light. This allows light of the sun to enter the home which in turn can help you in reducing the usage of electricity during the day time and thus reducing your bills. Apart from reducing maintenance cost, sunlight is also a good source of Vitamin D which again saves on part of malnutrition expenses.

Third. Balconies: Balcony also has its own importance as it can be used for various purposes. If you are a resident in apartments than you can use this balcony for planting some flowers as apartments lack the feature of front gardens. You can also enjoy this space of your home for drying clothes, sitting in shade during summers and if you have a reasonably big balcony, you can even host some guests there.

Fourth. Play ground for children: Open space in your home or in the society in which your apartment is can also be used as a playing ground for your children. This can have various plus points including interaction of your children with the nature for healthier living, your children will be within your reach even if they are out for playing which ensures their security etc.

Fifth. Economical Impact: In a survey that we conducted for knowing the choice of home people are looking for, homes with ample living space accompanied by some open space was the priority. If anytime you plan to sell out your home and if it has the required open space, it can get you a much more economical advantage even if there are other less expensive options available in the market.

Thus, it is evident from the above mentioned points that while buying a home you should not only consider the living area while making the final decision, you should even look for the open space portion which has its own importance and this importance ranges from health to wealth. Pvt. Ltd is a real estate classifieds online portal which mainly focuses on real estate features on buying, selling, renting, projects, agents and leasing of properties, in India and key global geographies. Infradoctor provides a fresh new approach to our esteemed users to search for properties to buy or rent, and list their properties for selling or leasing.