Glenview Library

November Newsletter

Library Happenings

SCJBA Reading Incentive

There are already over a dozen students who have read three of the South Carolina Junior Book Award nominees. Students have less than two months to finish reading three of them and turn their green sheets in to me before the February 1st deadline. Students who participate will be invited to a pizza party in February and get a chance to vote on their favorite.

7th Grade Infographics

7th graders spent some time researching endangered animals and created infographics to present their findings. They used library books, reliable websites, and even an eBook to find information. Once they collected their info, they created an infographic to share what they learned with the rest of their class. Since they used information and images from different sources, they also learned about citing sources and included this information on their inforgraphics.

Honors Mythology Project

English One Honors classes came and researched different people, places, and things related to Homer's The Odyssey. They were required to use both print and nonprint resources. They quoted, paraphrased, and summarized what they found and used parenthetical citations to give create to the original sources. They are still in the process of working on their final product.

Snapshot Day

Every year, the South Carolina Association of School Librarians encourages media specialists to participate in Snapshot Day. It's a quick look at ONE DAY of activity in the media center. See below for a visual representation of the data collected at Glenview on November 29th, 2012.


Class and Individual Student Visits

109 classes visited the library this month, and that's not even counting the classes that just came to the book fair! There were 69 classes that came in for circulation, and 40 that came in for some type of research or standards-based lesson. According to the sign in sheet, 1008 individual students visited the library during November.