Welcome to Sixth Grade!

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General Information

  • Students are required to bring their supplies daily for class. This includes binders, folders, Science notebook, library books, ear buds, pencils, highlighters, colored pencils, etc.
  • Please replace broken or lost materials as needed throughout the year.
  • Conduct folders will go home weekly every Friday.
  • Please return all graded papers. Each homeroom teacher will keep them on file for future reference.
  • Please make sure to sign any scores that are a 70 or below.
  • Folders may go home on a different day due to holidays or weather closings. Please contact your child's homeroom teacher if you have concerns about not seeing your child's folder.


Students need to bring a written excuse from a doctor, parent, or guardian in order to make up any missed work or tests. Students should ask their homeroom teacher for an Absentee Assignment sheet that outlines all missed work and/or tests that they are expected to complete. Students have 3 days to complete makeup work.

Dress Code

Dress code is enforced in the 6th grade. Please refer to the Blount County Handbook policy if you are unsure or have any questions.

Blount County Handbook

ELA: English Language Arts

  • Students should have supplies ready for class and always bring their library book(s) to read daily!
  • Students are expected to be active participants in class and study their notes for reading, language, and/or spelling every night to prepare for any tests.
  • Spelling and/or language morning work is given to practice these skills and will be counted as a grade.
  • Students are encouraged to read chapter books and nonfiction books at home to instill their love of reading.
  • Children who read more frequently develop stronger reading skills. Please help by reading with your child at home!


  • Pay attention during class discussions and take good notes for practice problems.

  • Study all notes and vocabulary.

  • Practice any problems in the textbook at home if your child is having trouble.

  • Practice multiplication facts at home until your child knows them fluently.

  • Please make any doctor/dentist appointments after school if possible.

Websites for additional help:

Social Studies

US History

  • Students are expected to actively participate in class discussions.

  • Students should study their notes every night for upcoming tests.

  • Reading nonfiction U.S. history texts will help build understanding about our lessons.


Earth and Space Science

  • Students will be expected to have all supplies daily for class. (Science notebook, trapper keeper, pencils, paper, crayons, earbuds, etc)
  • Homework: Students should study their notes every night to prepare for upcoming tests.
  • Good note-taking skills are also expected in class.
  • Students should make sure they are copying all notes exactly from the text or the board (i.e. neatness, correct capitalization, spelling, and punctuation).
  • Students are expected to participate in all class activities and follow all safety rules for experiments.
  • Science tests will assess whether students have participated in class, listened to class discussions, and have studied their class notes daily.