Healing Reactions

Healing Reactions

Just Accept the Good News – Alzheimer's is cured!

A Curandero, that is, a Magical Master - who can assemble herbal cures for specific diseases, as well as cures for abnormalities in individuals - came down with Alzheimer's himself in 1998 and was able to cure the disease after a visit to the local herb store. During that trip, the Master, in fact 4th Way Master, Daniel Lexington, was able to select by luck a list of herbs to interact with spirulina to clear Alzheimer's. Grazoph.com

The term “Master” used herein to indicate an individual who has reached a higher level of consciousness. Lexington's background is that he studied FOURTH WAY under Master Robert Burton and served in the vineyard of the Fellowship of Friends, Burton's organization, which once had 1200 students. Lexington's consciousness increased heirifically after he was intensely sought by the IMF on Earth in 1998 and 1999 for secretly subverting the economic Dominant Paradigm of Tax and War. See NOSTRADAMUS PREDICTS THE INTERNET ellesys2.com/babylon-job.html.

The thing that increased his consciousness so much was walking and stalking through the streets of Ann Arbor, watching for the illuminati spies that had been sent, as an army, to stop whoever was doing it. At that time, in order to perpetuate herself in power, THE UNSEEN MODEL, TDRR TUMDUVIAR KO, sought to suppress all freethinkers by killing or imprisoning them in secret Federal Reserve jails.

Lexington soon arrived at a working paradigm of economics, FREE ISSUANCE, and in 19 weeks had subverted the dominant paradigm at most governments and central banks, telling them that it was OK to issue money for the people's needs. As a result, some open-minded Melchizedeks (mel-key-zed-eks), those in charge of the Earth's economy, took the Scaler away from THE UNSEEN MODEL and gave it to Lexington, naming him, TDRR IMHOLDEN KO. For more information on this and later occurrences, see WAR IN THE SPIRIT DIMENSIONS autonne.org/spiritwar.html

The way the Alzheimer's treatment, EXPELLIT (grazoph temuna) works, is that it activates the Heart, the Liver and the Lungs to sprout a multiheaded enzyme bath that washes out Alzheimer's plaques, aluminum, dusts, elements of aging, lead, mercury and other metals. We surmise it is just the ticket for nerve gases. There have been more than 500 people who have tried it, only two were unsuccessful (because of wrong enzyme balance). As is described in the grazoph.com website, Karribatakoe is the orange enzyme produced by the Heart. Dtwel Makandtexdopho is a not-blue enzyme produced by the lungs. Corestophiletanzika is a yellow enzyme produced by the liver.

Have you ever enquired in the hospital, “Where is the Heart Enyme Chemistry section? Or have you ever asked the Medical Librarian, “Do you have any books on Heart Enzyme Chemistry? Conventional Doctors who do not have an interest in learning about heart enzyme chemistry generally like to deny EXPELLIT as a cure for Alzheimer's. They really cross the line when they tell people not to try it. In those cases, Black Devils come up from a Star of Darkness in the night and take that Doctor's soul.

The manifestation of EXPELLIT (grazoph temuna) on this world is nothing short of a miracle.

About The Author:

This article is written by Daniel Lexington, who is associated with HEALING REACTIONS. Healing Reactions invent, manufacture and sell nutraceuticals that cure diseases like Alzheimer’s, dementia, migraines and poisoning.