By: Emily Byrge & Jessica Elliott

Our survey was based on Holidays. Everyone seems to love the holiday season! Holidays are celebrated in every culture, even though it may be in a different way! There were 25 visitors to our page with 22 people who responded to the link. The original link is posted below. Feel free to still take our survey! ☻

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To begin, in our survey we asked the question “On a scale of 1-5, how much do you like holidays?” Out of 22 people who responded to the survey, 18 people LOVE the holidays! That makes almost 82% of people loving the holidays. 9.1% of the survey takers like the holidays very little. That leaves 9.1% of people having an in between love/hate relationship for the holidays. Below is the graph that lets you examine the results yourself.

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Is this even a real question?! Everyone loves to have the day off so you can kick back, relax, and do whatever you want all day long. Sounds like a perfect plan. Until, BAM! Looks like you are the person who is cooking, cleaning, chasing the kids around, and doing everything but sitting down. 19 out of the 22 people that took our survey said they would rather have the day off then to be at work or school. Some jobs/schools require you to be there on holidays so people get used to working on the holidays. This survey shows that 86% of people love the idea of not having to change out of their pajamas. I am right there with you! Woot woot!

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When you think of Christmas, everyone thinks of the obvious snow, tree, gifts, and the best part LIGHTS!!!! However, is there a preference of colored lights over white lights? In our survey we asked during Christmas, should there be multi-colored lights or white lights on the tree/house. From the results, it was concluded that white lights are preferred over the multi-color lights with 31.8% of people liking white lights. There were only 18.2% of people who preferred the multi-color lights. 9% of people didn’t have a preference of lights, and only 5% of the results were unable to be observed.

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Funny Minion Holiday Video


There are several aspects involved with nearly every holiday. Halloween, for example, there’s candy, costumes, pumpkins, and parties. Is there are special attribute that people prefer to Halloween? Our survey concluded that 54.5% of people enjoyed carving pumpkins the most over any other aspects of Halloween. At 36.4%, people liked all the yummy candy, and going to a Halloween party and going to a haunted house were tied at 31.8%. There 27.3% that really liked dressing up in costumes and only 22.7% that says that Halloween is a scary holiday and didn’t like it.

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Sum It Up...

To wrap up this newsletter, our survey was about holidays. Within this newsletter, we have included some results from our survey. We had a total of 22 people take the survey while there was a total of 25 people that viewed the website, which means that only 3 people didn't take the survey. Hope this survey and these results gave you an idea of how people feel about the holidays!