Room 8 News

Mrs. Fitzgerald, 3rd Grade

April 8, 2016

Hello Parents and Students,

We had another fabulous week! In reading we focused on identifying cause and effect relationships, as well as making inferences based on text evidence. We also continued learning about adjectives and adverbs.

In math we learned how to use the order of operations. We also learned how to write decimals as fractions, and how to round a number to the nearest ten, hundred, or thousand.

I hope you all have a wonderful and safe spring break! See you in a week!

Mrs. Fitzgerald

ERB Testing Week

We will be taking the ERB tests during the week of April 18. Here are a few helpful reminders for that week:
  • Make sure you arrive to school no later than 8:15. Late students will need to wait in the office until we are done testing, and take the make-up test at a later date.
  • Make sure you get plenty of sleep and eat a healthy/hearty breakfast. We will be having snack time in between testing sessions, so be sure to bring a snack.
  • There is no need to study for the ERB. The best advice is to relax your mind the weekend before so you can come to school with a fresh and positive attitude.

New Standardized Assessment Announcement

I am very excited to share with you that Merryhill School will be using a new standardized assessment this Spring. Below you will find a letter from Mrs. Quinn Letan, Head of School, outlining the details on why we are using the new standardized assessment. Please contact her directly at if you have any questions.

Spelling Bee

Congratulations to Ethan Lin for representing Room 8 in the Merryhill Spelling Bee! He did a great job and we are all very proud of him!

Leadership Essay

This week we finished our leadership essays. This was an opportunity for the students to write about a leader in their life, and show how much they have learned about writing over the school year.
Each teacher chooses five essays to be entered into the essay competition, with one essay winner from each grade level.
Our top 5 essays belong to:
  • Preesha
  • Rishabh
  • Diya D.
  • Chelsea
  • Yen

The winner will be announced after Spring Break!

Next Week's Spelling

    1. dad’s

    2. friend’s

    3. girl’s

    4. girls’

    5. teacher’s

    6. teachers’

    7. baby’s

    8. babies

    9. family’s

    10. families

    11. grandma’s

    12. grandpa’s

    13. brother’s

    14. brothers’

    15. boy’s

    16. boys’

    17. aunt’s

    18. aunts’

    19. lady’s

    20. ladies

    21. someone’s

    22. boss’s

    23. James’s

    24. grandparent’s

    25. grandparents’

    Coming Up On Math Assessment 24...

    · Finding the fractional part of a set

    · Finding the median of a set of data

    · Writing common fractions, decimal fractions, and percents

    · Finding probability of an event

    · Finding the perimeter of a parallelogram

    · Measuring with inches

    · Finding elapsed time

    · Drawing a line graph

    · Identifying perfect squares

    · Finding the sum, difference, product, or quotient

    Calendar Reminders...

    Please refer to for all important calendar dates (tests, projects, reports, etc.).