Andrew Jackson

Facts and Opinions

Killing the National Bank

Andrew Jackson did not like having a National Bank. He considered it unconstitutional because it favored the wealthy. Andrew Jackson was re-elected and used his power as president to close the bank. He ordered all money to be withdrawn from the bank, distributing it to state banks making there no longer be a National Bank, which the nation supported doing.

Trail of Tears

Andrew Jackson saw the Cherokee land as desirable and sent the Georgia militia to round up the tribe and push them west. The Cherokee walked the long passage to Oklahoma, where they would be settled known as the Trail of Tears. Having very little time to gather what they needed for the journey, many died of starvation. in total, around 4,000 Cherokee never made it to Oklahoma also having to endure one of the worst winters in a decade.

Nullification Crisis

Congress passed the Tariff of 1828 and the Tariff of 1832 which put a tax on imported goods. The South heavily relied on imported goods because their economy is mainly agriculture, so they were very angry when they had to pay extra for what they imported. South Carolina tried to nullify the tariffs and even threatened to secede from the union if the government interfered. The Force Bill was passed forcing South Carolina to pay their taxes and gave Jackson the power to send the Army to settle things. The 1833 Compromise Act which lowered tariffs which pleased both the North and South.
Andrew Jackson, the horrible, unreasonable president of The United States just ordered the removal of my tribe to move farther west, leaving the land I have lived my whole life. We didn't even have time to gather what we needed, as the militia unexpectedly rounded us up, most people leaving with just the clothes on our backs. This is the first week of our journey that who knows how long it will last, and I noticed people are already getting sick and going hungry. I wish the people of America would understand my frustration with your president as he is a terrible person who needs to be removed from office.

- Cherokee child

Andrew Jackson is great! I'm just an average white northerner like most people, with no land, and previously before Jackson a person like me with no land wouldn't be able to vote. But now, Jackson known as the "common man" president made it so that a person like me can vote! Now I can have a say in my government where previously I couldn't. Jackson is quite possible the best president this country has had.

- just your average northerner.

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This political cartoon of Andrew Jackson shows how if South Carolina would of seceded from the Union, he would march down to South Carolina and hang John C. Calhoun if that were the case.