December 7, 2015

30 Second Unification Update....

To: All staff and Volunteers

From: From the Programs & Services Subcommittee

We met on December 2 to continue our planning.

Here is what we know for sure:

· The continued goal of unification is: Better services for people impacted by woman abuse and sexual violence

· We need to create a plan of unification of these areas – our Boards are expecting us to develop a plan to see if unification is viable for:

  • Front Door/Ease of Use
  • Walk In
  • One Crisis Line
  • Outreach
  • Volunteers
  • Children & Young women
  • Public Education & Training

· We want to make sure we hear from service users (our clients), staff and volunteers as we develop this plan

· We are planning on having a variety of ways of getting feedback such as:

  • Online survey
  • Dialogue group opportunities

· You will be invited to participate!

· We will finalize the process in early January…stay tuned!

Tidbits.....did you know....

That SACL volunteers have 40 hours of training before they work on their helpline? Wow that’s commitment!

That the helpline at WCH is always answered live within 3 rings! Wow that’s commitment!

The Programs & Services Subcommittee

Dejana Bjelogrlic (WCH)

Katy Harold (SACL)

Amiel Houghton (WCH)

Janet Izumi (SACL)

Denise King (WCH)

Bo Lavrencic (WCH)

Chantelle Lowes (SACL)

Jane McGregor (SACL)

Annalise Trudell (SACL)

Shelly Yeo (WCH)

Kate Wiggins (WCH)