Dream Kingdom

The Land Where Magic Begins

Mistake for Mommy

Have you ever been to Disney World, and your kids are like, "Mom, we don't want to be here," Well, don't let that happen again. Come and visit Dream Kingdom.

How Do We Get There?

You're problably wondering how to get there. Well, you could take a smelly sailors' boat, our line of dreamboats, or the beautiful Magic Airlines. Magic Airlines, and Dreamboat Express is always making sure that everyone travels first class.

Where To Stay?

Now you might be wondering, "Where do we stay after that long trip?" Well, you could find a nasty motorhome imported from some unfamilliar country, or you could stay in Sleepy Town. Sleepy Town's main attraction is Sleepy Mountians, where every mountian is asleep and snoring.

Where Do We Eat?

After you're done snoozing, you're problably starving. No problem here at Dream Kingdom. Just head on over to Food Central. At Food Central, all of your foods are dipped in Chocolate and you get to choose your favorite kind of food.

We Want Candy!

Now that you and your kids are done with breakfast, you'll problably want a sweet treat. Well, your destination is Candyville, the land filled with candy. You're problably wondering if anyone lives there, well, sort of... Chocolate Peeps do!

Sights To See

After all that candy, you problably want to go sightseeing. No issue there. You can just head on over to Parade City, where every day is a parade of fun and other stuff. Don't like clowns, well, no problem. Just ask the parade manager, and he will tell them not to come

Energy, Energy, And Even More Energy!

I bet your kids have a lot of energy. No worries, just drop them off at Gymnastville. Gymnastville is the perfect place for little rascals that have energy. They can meet the world's best gymnasts, including Julia Parcher, so you can have your bundle of joy doing gymnastics.

Ahh... Relaxation

You might be wondering what will I do when my kids are having fun? Well, you can go to Peaceville, home of relaxation. While you're there you might say to yourself, "What do I do here?" Well, you could get one of those sloppy mud baths, or you could get one of those relaxing massages!


After you pick up your kids, you might want to see some historical and mythical animals like dragons, phinex's, mammothes, and regular animals. Don't like scary animals no worries there tame, so they'll listen to you just say " Magical purple unicorns."

For the Fashionistas!

Do you have a daughter that loves fashion? Well take her too Fashion City she'll meet the worlds best fashion designer Jillian Enke. Theres many different types of fashion she'll learn about like sparkle, punk rock, sports, and girly girl. Your daughter will think it's fashiontastic!

The Horse Issue

Do your kids like horses? Do you like riding them? Then come to HorseVille you can learn to ride or compete in competetions. Your kids can take care of the horses or meet the famous Olivia Brcka. So if you want to keep picking up your own horses poop then come here.

Famous Moments!

Do you want to meet famous people like movie stars? Well Grant Barkley is your kind of place! Grant Barkley's main course is lobster and steak. They also have there own personal beaches! Good news, it never snows unless you want it to. So come on down ot Grant Barkley!! ( p.s. he will not grant wishes )

Our Loyal Castle

Have you ever thought your most wildest dreams can't come true? Well they can at Dream Kingdom where all your wildest dreams come true. For example, there was a man named Mr. Bubbleface, and he wished to be a squirrel. Well that came true, and now we call him Mr, Bucktoothfurryface. So come on down to Dream Kingdom's loyal castle, where all your dreams get granted.

The Biggest Wish Of All

So if you want to be/see athletic, a horse rider, fashionable, meet famous people, see mythical creatures, head to a place filled with candy, eat awesome food, see the best parades ever, fly on first class planes, be peaceful, and see beautiful scenery, like Lake Of Dreams and Magic River, then come on down to Dream Kingdom, where all your dreams come true.
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