December 10, 2015 Edition

In Eagle Times this week...

  • ISWA website link
  • Student artwork: Ash Robinson
  • WE NEED YOU - Newsletter contributor link
  • Student Spotlight: Mikhaila Hutchison
  • Student artwork: Mikhaila Hutchison
  • Ribbon Club: Interested in joining?
  • Student photography: Delaney Geist
  • INSIGHT'S GOT TALENT: December 16th in Eagle Place (Class Connect)
  • Counselor Spotlight: Julie Powers
  • Counselor artwork: Julie Powers
  • K12 National Clubs information
  • Learning Coach Corner: PollyAnn Buffer
  • Family Outing Idea: Steven Martin
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Are you an artist? Do you write song lyrics? Do you paint, draw, or take photographs? Are you a gifted writer? We need your creativity!

To share your ideas and interest, CLICK HERE: http://bit.ly/2015ISWANEWSLETTER!

Or email me directly at kblythin@k12insightwa.org.


Hi! My name is Mikhaila Hutchison, and I live in Silverdale, which is right around Poulsbo and Bremerton. I'm a junior this year. When I'm not working on school, I like to draw, write, and spend time with the people around me.

Science and art are two of my favorite things, but I also love to watch movies and television shows. Someday, I want to make films, either for my primary career, or just as a hobby. I've really been enjoying these last couple years in class with you guys! See you soon! ;D
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RIBBON CLUB ~ Interested in joining???

Are you interested in volunteering and helping out the community? Check out what we are doing in Ribbon Club! Our December goal is to send a letter and/or a care package for a solider overseas!

Interested? Come to our meetings every other Tuesday at 2 p.m. The next meeting is Dec. 22nd in Class Connect.

Be sure to send all letters and care packages for soldiers to this address:
Hugs for Soldiers
P. O. Box 2887
Duluth, GA 30096

If you are interested in being a part of Ribbon Club email the president of the club at:

MarisaRecker@gmail.com or kmail the club advisor, Tami Caldwell!

Thank you all and Happy Holidays!

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Wednesday, Dec. 16th, 12-1pm

Eagle Place ~ Class Connect


Wednesday, December 16th, our Eagle Place (optional) Class Connect session will feature Insight's Got Talent! If you're interested in sharing your talent from 12pm -1pm next Wednesday, please fill out the form (link above). Students will be allowed up to 5 minutes to share their talent!

All students and Learning Coaches are welcome to join us to watch and enjoy the talent show, even if they don't want to showcase their talents.


Hi Insight Students! My name is Julie Powers and I am the Counselor for students with last names L-Rh! Hope you all are having a good semester.

A little bit about myself… I started Insight ten years ago during the very first year! We only had seven graduates that first year. We have really grown! I love my job as a Counselor, helping students on their path and transition from high school to college. In my free time I love to paint, and below you'll see a painting of my dog, Odie. He’s a Wheaten Terrier and the love of my life.

If you’d like to see some of my other paintings, here’s my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/PaintingsbyOdieandMom/?fref=ts

Thank you for allowing me to share a little about myself! Happy holidays everyone!

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^^^ARTWORK BY JULIE POWERS (Odie on Grandma's Bed)^^^



National clubs meet online, and include students from across the United States. Clubs will meet online twice a month in November, but only once a month in December and January, due to holidays. Students are welcome to join up to FOUR K12 National Clubs!

Almost all K12 National Clubs are open year-round! The time it takes to hear from a national club after sign-up depends on the timing of the sign-up. Signups are collected every 2 or 3 weeks, so don't worry if you don't hear from the club leader for a week or two!


Making Friends As We Get Older

When we were young kids, making friends was so easy. You would see a kid outside at the park and say hello, and a friendship would begin. In our teenage years it gets more complicated. We grow apart from people as we become adults. Our opinions change, WE change, and we get busy. Then as adults, it gets even more complicated. We have kids, and work tons, and have appointments and sports and the list goes on and on. So how do we make friends when we aren't five anymore?

1. Be kind. Say hello! A simple hello can change someone's whole day. Add a smile :).

2. Be a great listener. Don't just talk - listen to what others have to say.

3. Get off the phone, internet, etc. and GET OUTSIDE. Find a activity, sport, club to join with others who share your interests. It's easier to converse when you have things in common.

4. Be kind. As a person in general be kind. Be helpful, loving, and understanding.

5. Have confidence. People notice our demeanor. Try to get out of your comfort zone a little and make yourself approachable.

6. Be yourself. Make friends that will like you for you.

Family Outing Idea (submitted by Steven Martin)

Thursday, Dec. 3rd, 5pm to Tuesday, Dec. 29th, 10pm

20800 Marine Drive

Stanwood, WA

The Lights of Christmas Festival 2015 - Stanwood

Dazzling light displays, the smell of fresh hot donuts, the holiday sounds of carolers, and so much more make The Lights of Christmas the perfect holiday destination.