Kjolen mountians

by Ashley.S


*The kjolen mountians are located in the south central part of Europe.

*The mountians start in Switzerland,northern Italy,and Australlia then southeast into Solvania,Croatia,Bosnia and Herzegovia finally the mountians end in Albania on the rugged coast line of Adritiac sea.


*The length is 1,700 km.

*highest peak is 2,469 metres that is 8,100 ft

Pysical charictaristics

*animal life consists of mountian hare,artic fox,tundra wolf and the eurasian lynx.

*The vegitation is rich and lively.

*the climate varies during the summer months and the colder months,

the summer is nice and warm,the colder months are usally in the teens and frost is rare even at the higest peak.

Human characteristics

*one human characteristic is the railroads that go close to the mountains but not through them.

* swedish is the official language.

*religion of the people that live in Norway is Lutheran 67.1% and Christian denomination is 82%.

Population of Norway/Scandinavian mountians is 5.084 million most of the Norwegians do not live in the city.

*the political system in Norway is a parliamentary system

*people make their money by fishing,mining,ski resorts and cutting out blocks of ice

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Natural resources


*fast flowing rivers