JROB Dugout News 12/11 - 12/15


Relationships, Relationships, Relationships are key to the soul of our DOLPHINSl!!!!

"Kids deserve an excited adult. They need someone who's ready to explore and laugh with them all day - someone who is looking for the magic moments, full of high fives coming down the line with energy radiating all around."

- Adam Welcome "Kids Deserve It"

Big picture

Daily Learning Intentions...Making the difference to "TRANSFER"

  • Daily Learning Intentions..

What - is the standard or skill (not worksheet, not test, not book)

Why - is this relevant, why is this important (transfer)?

How - students demonstration of the standard/learning

  • We can move learning to TRANSFER BY........

    • Making the WHY more clear to students (real world reasons, not “to make my teacher proud” or “to make my brain smart.”)

    • Pushing students explain the WHY in their thinking...make them argue their ideas

    • Becoming more calibrated in planned level of rigor between classes

    • Use resources from MyPD to extend student thinking?

    • Connecting learning to other situations to build transferable knowledge

    • Analyzing, discuss, debate misconceptions

    • Planning high leverage tasks that allow for discourse and struggle

    • Creating purposeful groupings of students to tackle high leverage tasks

    • Continuing to push students thinking through questioning or having students create, analyze, synthesize (as individuals, partners or teams)

    • Creating more classroom opportunities for debates (i.e. classroom courtroom)

In December 2018, we are still working on the work for end of year SUCCESS!!

December 12 - Rm - 27 (Elementary ONLY)


ST Math/Jiji - Implementation from OCIPD office (ES)

December 12 - RM 24 (Middle School ONLY)

15 Minutes - Online Platform expectations & 45 Minutes - Survey Data Review (MS) - RM 20

December 19 - Library


Supporting the AA child w/Dr. Brown

Elementary Staff.....Preparation for ST Math Jiji Training REMINDERS on 12/12 Rm 27

1) make sure you can login to your Teacher account on the site https://web.stmath.com/

2) your login is the letters jac + your single sign-in from the district (before the @)

if you have never logged in, the password is 4cpupp

3) try to ensure all of your students have logged in an used the program at least once before the training if possible

4) see Ms. Klopfer if you have any questions or troubles

STOIC....Consistency in Building a Community of Kindness in #JROBNATION

Structuring "Kindness to Self"

By now your students have viewed some videos on focus, compassion, and kindness to self. Which videos were you and your students drawn to? Would one of these videos work especially well after recess or lunch transition or at the beginning of 4th period? The next two weeks will be challenging for your students, so structure and transitional support will help maintain focus.

Don't forget to join the Community Kindness Google Classroom and add your own favorite resources.

Lastly, As we move closer to our much anticipated WINTER/HOLDAY break...please be reminded of the need to provide Consistency in expectations for classroom leaning environment.

The flu is going around....ways to PROTECT YOURSELF and YOUR STUDENTS

Action Steps for Teachers to Prevent the Spread of Flu

Take the following steps ALL the time and not only during a flu pandemic to help keep

your students and yourself from getting sick with flu.

1. Educate and encourage students to cover their mouth and nose with a

tissue when they cough or sneeze. Also, provide them with easy access to tissues.

Remind them to cover coughs or sneezes using their elbow instead of their hand

when a tissue is not available.

2. Remind students to practice good hand hygiene and provide the time and

supplies (easy access to running water and soap or alcohol-based hand cleaners) for

them to wash their hands as often as necessary.

3. Be a good role model by practicing good hand hygiene and covering your mouth

and nose when coughing or sneezing.

4. Keep an eye out for sick students and send them to the school health

office for further evaluation. Sick people should stay at home until at least 24

hours after they no longer have a fever or signs of a fever (without the use of feve rreducing


5. Clean surfaces and items that are more likely to have frequent hand contact

such as desks, door knobs, keyboards/CHROMEBOOKS, or pens, with cleaning agents that are usually

used in these areas.

6. Teachers should also stay home when sick. Stay home until at least 24 hours

after you no long

Holiday Cheer Calendar

Click the embedded link for all the fun details


This parent bulletin is sent via: email and text message to parents each week. It is also available on our school's website.

JROB Happenings...be in the Know

ES - Achievement Reports Dates, Deadlines and Achievement Celebration

Tuesday, Feb. 5th 2019 at 12pm

Jackie Robinson K8 Academy

ES - Achievement Report Dates and Deadlines

End of 1st Semester - January 28

LROIX Data due - February 1

Achievement Reports due to Miller/Spenker - February 5

Achievement Reports to parents - February 12

Achievement Celebration and SOM - February 22


Grading: Has your grade level calibrated how to give grades? Achievement Reports will be due before you know it. Many of you are already using Synergy's Gradebook. Help a colleague get on board with this easy platform. If you need assistance, please come to see me or look on MyPD for resources. If you used the Student Academic Summary, you know how valuable using our technology available can be to you.