The Body In The Woods

A Point Last Seen Mystery

Written by April Henry

Published by Scholastic Inc.

ISBN: 9780545880862

Genre: Realistic Fiction


  • Selected by the Junior Library Guild.
  • Chosen by Scholastic.
  • Winner, Oregon Book Award


I recently finished the fascinating, mystery-filled, realistic fiction book, The Body In The Woods. I believe this book had a very nice and steady pace getting into the action. There are three teens that volunteer in SAR (Search and Rescue). They're looking for a boy who ran off and got lost in the woods but instead they find a dead girl. Now, they're all tracking a supposedly serial killer that is targeting homeless teen girls in Portland, Oregon. The pace of this book is a classic murder mystery. The slow reveal of clues keeps the reader on the edge of their seat. When the killer is finally revealed it might bring a little shock,it sure did for me, but that doesn't mean it wasn't cleverly done. The book starts to get really intense with action when it starts to reach the treacherous climax while each member of the three teens have a chance to shine in their own way.

I've enjoyed many parts and things about this book. The characters really know and feel their age and I feel their voices are interesting and new. The plot is suspenseful, fast and it keeps you wanting more. The quality of the writing is very good and I think I will enjoy anything in the future that Henry writes and releases. There was just enough questions asked of who the killer was to keep me flipping the pages, plus the drama with Alexis' mom added a nice dramatic twist that I liked. The Body In The Woods did a fantastic job of setting up the characters and the stakes involved in Search and Rescue. Having the three teens investigating an actual serial killer murder was a very nice hook. This book overall was very well written and I enjoyed it greatly and the title just pulls me in. I recommend this book to whoever likes murder mysteries and some nice page flippin'! Are you ready?

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