Kinetic Energy

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What is Kinetic Energy?

Kinetic Energy is the energy of an object in motion.
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How is kinetic energy calculated?

The formula for kinetic energy is KE=1/2mv². The way kinetic energy is calculated revolves a lot around mass and velocity . We have to plug in the mass and velocity of an object into the equation. So instead of KE=1/2mv² , we can do KE=1/2*25.3*(4.01)² . After we are done with plugging it in, we solve the equation. Our final answer is always in joules

Does Kinetic Energy have direction?

Unlike velocity, acceleration, and force, kinetic energy has no specific direction. It called a scalar quality. Something that possesses a scalar quality has no direction and relies on magnitude alone.
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How does increasing or decreasing mass affect kinetic energy?

Mass affects kinetic energy because it determines how large or small our value for kinetic energy will be. This means that as mass increases, so does the amount of kinetic energy. If I were to roll a beachball down a hill at the same rate as a bowling ball, there would be more kinetic energy in the bowling ball because there is more mass in there. However if the mass decreases, then so does the kinetic energy. Kinetic energy and mass have a positive relationship so if the velocity is constant, the increase and decrease of kinetic energy would depend on mass.

How does increasing or decreasing velocity affect kinetic energy?

Velocity has a positive relationship with kinetic energy. If the mass is constant, increase in velocity would mean increase in kinetic energy. Decrease in Velocity would mean decrease in kinetic energy.
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What does heat have to do with kinetic energy?

Increasing temperature would increase molecular speed. When the molecules with the heat energy collide with the ones without the heat, energy is transferred from one substance to another, temperature is just average kinetic energy and when they collide, the average kinetic energy changes. The change in the energy is heat. Also kinetic energy is the measure of movement inside an object and heat energy is the measure of random movement of an object.
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When was kinetic energy discovered?

Both Galileo and Newton were documenting the motions of objects both of in the air and on earth. The official term Kinetic Energy was not used or heard of till the 1800s when a scientist named William Thompson first came up with it.
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