The suitcase

Our suitcase

Imagine that you are in an airport, then all of a sudden your suitcase rips, dosn't zip, is really old, or it's just too heavy.Well, here comes our suitcase, a suitcase that is like the future.Our suitcase is for any person that travels or wants to have a great suitcase. This is a suitcase you'll want to get.

What our suitcase has

Our suitcase has many things that make it unique so we'll list them for you.

  1. our suitcase has a pocket for headphones and a phone charger
  2. A cushion inside of the suitcase
  3. Has a 4 wheels and a retractable handle
  4. A space for valubles
  5. Has Aerogel(the lightest material in the world)
  6. Has Ten Cate Millenia(fireproof material)
  7. Has colors on the outside

  • pink
  • purple
  • green
  • black
  • navy blue
  • gray


  • Height : 22 inches
  • Length : 10.5 inches
  • Width : 11 inches
  • Volume : 2541 cubic inches
These are the dimensions for our suitcase


Our suitcase is great for the world.

You'll never have to worry about your suitcase being to heavy, or anything else.With our suitcase, problems will never come.We will still countinue to make our suitcase even better, the possobilities our endless with our suitcase in everybody's hands