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Monday, January 20, 2014

Schedule Change beginning on 1/21 due to Midfest Rehearsals

Our rehearsals for Midfest start this Wednesday, January 21 at Sedgwick Middle School.

So in order for students not to miss any class time, it has been approved that for the following Wednesdays grades 6 and 8 will switch learning labs to accommodate mid-fest rehearsal. That means 6th grade learning lab will be held during period 8 and 8th grade learning lab will be held during period 9:

January 21

February 4

February 25

March 4

March 11

March 18

Gwen Cardona

Grading & Progress Reports Schedule update.

Note the only change is:

Report Card Distributed: Thursday, January 29th rather than Wednesday, January 28th

due to High School grading schedule

Lunch & Learn - Socrative has been rescheduled to January 26.

Lunch and Learn - Socrative

Socrative is an online student response system that can be used with Chromebooks, iPads and student BYO Devices. Teachers can create polls, quizzes and other exercises to engage students and monitor their progress in real time. Quizzes can be set to "teacher-paced" or "student-paced". The program will collect the student data and send it to your Google Drive. "Quick questions" and polls are other great tools to enhance your instruction. Socrative is already being used by several KP teachers with great results and student excitement. Come join the fun!

CSI Volunteers for January 28, 2014: Teachers Teaching Teachers

Hello KP! Do you have a best teaching strategy that you are willing to share with your colleagues? If so, please take a moment to fill out this form. We hope to offer a wide variety of sessions that represent the various needs, expertise, and content areas within the school. Thank you for your help!