Enders Game

Orson Scott Card

Would you do ANYTHING to save the ones you love?

Would you be able to wipe out a(n) entire race to save everything you love. Tho the truth is you didn't want to.... you were tricked into doing it, would you be able to live with yourself?

Summary of book

By placing the fate of the world in the hands of a child, Card challenges traditional assumptions both about children and war. Ender may be small, but he thinks, feels, and acts like an adult, and an exceptional one at that. There are adults actively involved in every step of Ender's training, and they view their manipulation of him (and the other children) as an unavoidable evil. Ironically, sometimes the children are the manipulators and sometimes they are manipulated. It is used to show the insight of a child and how they have a(n) ability to think outside the box.