Prep Night!

A new, fun event for the kids!

What It Is

British Private Prep has teamed up with Texas Children's Hospital to help raise money for families that have sick kids. Prep Night is a fun way of raising the money, there will be games, food, inflatables, and much more in just one night. We invite every parent to come join us for the fun.

Prep Night

Friday, May 13th, 5pm

28031 South Firethorne Road

Katy, TX

-Admission will be $5 a person.

-Kids will be given tickets to use when they want to play a game or jump around.

*food can not be bought with a ticket*

-We are taking volunteers for the night. (If interested, please contact front office)

-Each class will be required to bring something for the night. (Teacher will give out more information)


5:00 Prep Night will start at 5:00 pm, but we suggest arriving at 4:45 due to minimal parking.

5:15-7:45 There will be games for the children and parents to play. The children will have time to show off their portfolio to their parents which includes their art work, writing, etc. The kids will have time to play in the bouncy house, eat snow cones, snack on popcorn, and munch on chick-fila. (In order to buy chick-fila a ticket id necessary which will be available for purchase the whole week)

8:00 Prep Night ends

British Private Prep School

We here at BPP feel that it's important to give back to the parents who spend countless hours with their child, paying massive bills all to save their child's life. With your help, we could make these things possible. So come on out and join us for a fun filled night for a great cause.