News from 1A

Week of January 20th- 23rd

The Kings and Queens of ING!

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Coming Up Next Week

-Monday January 19th- MLK Holiday

-Tuesday January 20th- Music & Library Day

No reading folder this week due to testing all week last week.

-Wednesday January 21st- P.E. Day (wear tennis shoes)

Website Wednesday

-Thursday January 22nd- Art

-Friday January 23rd- P.E. Runners Club (wear tennis shoes)

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What are we learning?

ELA focus: Main Idea, Past Tense Verbs & Adding the suffix -ed to a word (jumped, played, called), Writing assessments

Math: Beginning our Additon/Subtraction 9 week unit: Flip Flop Strategy- it doesn't matter what order the addends are, you will get the same answer! (4+3 is the same as 3+4)

Science: Experiments to end our Solids/ Liquids unit

Social Studies: American Symbols- learning the importance of the Bald Eagle and American Flag

For E-Time we are working on ideas for indoor recess. Making our own word searches, board games, and dancing brain breaks!

Spelling Words

Spelling List:

**Kids will be learning the rule of adding -ed to the end of the word this week**










Collecting Data for our graphs from our 5th grade buddies!

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January Birthdays!

There are no January birthdays in our class. If I missed someone please let me know!

Dates For Your Calendar

January 19th- MLK Day Holiday

January 23rd- Report Cards Go Home

January 24th- Austin School Carnival