The Golden Curse

By:Rowan M. and Epiphany V.

The Myth

King Midas loved gold and it was his life. When he thought too much of gold & riches his life soon became a living nightmare with the touch of a finger. Soon he noticed he has a curse soon putting a threat on his relationship with his daughter. One thing to learn from this greek myth is to never be greedy and to always live life with your family and friends and enjoy it because family is more valuable than gold.


Reporter: What have you learned from your mistake of wishing for the golden touch?

King Midas: That gold is not the most valuable thing and that I should appreciate my daughter more.

Reporter: When you first got your wish of the golden touch how did you feel?

King Midas: I felt like the richest man in the world! I had the power to turn something to gold!

Reporter: Why did you decide to turn your daughter's favorite flower (the rose) into gold?

King Midas: I thought that way the flower would never die and she would be happy.

Reporter: How did you feel when your father turned the rose into gold?

Daughter: Why would he do that?! I mean the reason I liked flowers was because there beauty and when you turn it to gold it is worthless!

Reporter: Why did you decide to grant king midas' wish?

Ghost: I thought it would help him realize that he was too greedy before.

Reporter: Did you think this was a good lesson to learn?

King Midas: Yes.

Reporter: Did you think this experience was good for your father?

Daughter: Yes, he learned to not be as greedy.

Reporter: Is it true that your old love was flowers?

King Midas: Yes but then I started to love gold because gold doesn't die but flowers do.

Reporter: Was it annoying when you had to eat?

King Midas: Yes! I am surprised i'm still alive!

Reporter: Was it scary at first when you saw the ghost?

King Midas: Yes! Imagine just looking at your gold coins and then some random man comes up and makes you able to turn something into solid gold.

Reporter: Do you forgive your father or are you still angry that he turned you to gold?

Daughter: It was an accident so I forgive him.

Reporter: Do you like the castle garden?

Daughter: Yes, but I liked it more when me and my dad both loved it.

Reporter: Why did you feel like you should invite the man to dinner (soon to be ghost)?

King Midas: I realized that without my gold I would be just like him. poor.

Reporter: Did you ever get scared of your fingers?

King Midas: Ya. I'm surprised that I didn't turn myself to gold!

Reporter: What is the one thing you love more than anything in the world?

King Midas: My daughter.

Reporter: Was it cool turning the whole castle to gold?

King Midas: Yes, But the color yellow isn't the most beautiful color if you know what I mean.

Reporter: Was it hard to get the "magical" water?

King Midas: It took some time but I managed.

Reporter: Were you happy to see your daughter turn from gold to her normal self?

King Midas: Yes. DEFINITELY.

Reporter: When did you realize that the golden tough was a curse?

King Midas: Once I turned my daughter to gold.

Reporter: Does gold still matter to you.

King Midas: I have it still but now I am not obsessed with it.

The Story Of King Midas [Infographic]

Justin Beiber vs. King MIdas

King midas was like Justin when he was greedy

• They both were very greedy

•They both were selfish

•They both made irresponsible choices

Midas~ Wishing for the golden touch

Justin~ Drugs etc.

•They both started out a decent person and turned selfish and greedy

•They both have a symbol


Justin~his tattoo

•One difference is that king midas fixed his mistake but Justin Beiber is still messed up

•Justin Beiber does not have a magical power but King Midas does

•Justin Beiber doesn't have the hospitality like king midas

•King midas is in a greek myth and Justin beiber lives in canada

•They both are technically not heroes