National Grammar Day

A day to use correct grammar all around!

Everyday is grammar day, but this one's special

No doubt, you should always have good grammar, but every March 4th a day is celebrated around the U.S. for grammar. No one likes people who use incorrect language, so why not make a worldwide day for appropriate punctuation, spelling, and phrases.

Martha Brockenbrough

The founder of national grammar day is of course... an author! Martha Brockenbrough established National Grammar Day in 2008, and is the founder of the Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar. She has written 2 adult books and 5 books for children. Brockenbrough was a former editor for MSN, has interviewed many celebrities , and written game cards for trivial board games. She even wrote humorous education for an encyclopedia for nine years. (Picture of Martha below)
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HOw do we celebrate National Grammar Day?

With contests and relays we can spend time to rapidly put in the correct ¨you're,¨ ¨your,¨ ¨there,¨ ¨their,¨ and ¨they're¨ in the correct context. Practicing speech by watching schoolhouse rock and flocabulary videos would be a good idea as well. Students should also practice and compete in putting words in alphabetical order. Anyway, a whole day would be nice without grammatical errors in texts and writing. Without good grammar, its good bye!
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Quick Recap

National Grammar day is held each March 4 since 2008. This literary holiday was established by Martha Brockenbrough, a experienced author, to celebrate grammatical context. We can celebrate this at school by watching flocabulary, schoolhouse rock, and participating in contests. Overall National Grammar Day is a wonderful literary holiday students at TMIS should take part in.