The 4 P's in Marketing

By: Amanda Cowell


The products are determined or recognized by the brand. Also can be determined by the packaging because it is colorful and and clever and easy to remember.


Places you find people marketing are on TV when commercials come on and they are promoting a new product. Most times they will have people talking the entire time about the product and they pay people to tell you how amazing the product so you can spend 20 dollars plus shipping and handling.


When you promote products there are so many things to use to get the product out there in the world. Commercials is the most common, flyers being hung up around works as well, and having the product featured in a popular magazine with en eye catching page to make the buyer want to buy it.


When advertising for products, you must use a price. People aren't just going to buy something and not know how much it costs. When a product isn't being sold, they can bring the price down so that the product can be sold.

Frequently Asked Questions

*What does the product want from the product?

*What is the value of the product or service to the buyer?

*Where and when can you get across your marketing messages to your target market?

*Where do buyers look for your product or service?