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US Boatworks Brings Wealth of Experience to Industry

US Boatworks Looks to Keep Reputation of Integrity

Kansas City based marine parts and service center and online parts store, US Boatworks, has fostered a hard-earned reputation for integrity in its 30 years of business. Owner, Mike Tracy, takes great pride in his company’s reputation for level dealings and integrity and looks to the future to keep this image going strong.

US Boatworks serves the marine community in Kansas City, but also maintains an online storefront for its vast warehouse of hard to find, obsolete, and out of production parts for marine engines from the 1950s and beyond. Sometimes, in the world of online retailing, it can be difficult to oversee every aspect of the business. It is easy, for example, for a potential customer to have an unpleasant experience due to a technical glitch and then to never even realize that you have lost that customer, says Mike Tracy. US Boatworks works very hard to ensure that all their customers get the same level of top-notch customer service, whether it is in person or when shopping online. To that end, they have revamped their website, offering a new way to shop for parts by viewing the engine diagram right there on the website.

The US Boatworks team has been carefully assembled, seeking people who are unsurpassed experts in their field and who combine that expertise with a friendly attitude and a genuine customer-first philosophy that is innate and never phony. This recipe for success has propelled US Boatworks forward for 30 years and Mike Tracy sees no signs of it slowing down anytime soon. Treating people with integrity has been the cornerstone of their operation since day one, and it seems to be working: US Boatworks has recently been named Kansas City’s Best Boat Dealer for 2013, the third year in a row that they have taken this prize.

US Boatworks Owner Mike Tracy a Man of Integrity

Mike Tracy has been in the boating industry for over 30 years. In that time, the owner and operator of Kansas City’s US Boatworks has learned a whole lot about marine engines and repair, as well as running a successful business. The secret to each, he says, is integrity.

That’s a little marine joke Mike likes to use, a reference to both a boat’s hull integrity and to the personal quality he both embodies and looks for in his US Boatworks employees. But at the same time, he is also quite serious about maintaining a high level of personal integrity and ensuring that US Boatworks keeps its current reputation as a company of unimpeachable character and integrity.

Mike does this every day, in every dealing, with every customer, whether it’s the most loyal and long standing customer with an esoteric engine issue or a brand new boating enthusiast walking in with a simple question. It’s largely a question of consistency, says Mike. The customer doesn’t care whether you have or haven’t had your coffee today or if you needed another thirty minutes of sleep last night; all they see is what’s in front of them and how they are being treated in that moment. Therefore, Mike instills in the US Boatworks team an attitude of always doing right by the customer and ensures that his team is of like mind.

Whether it is in the big picture things, such as billing and repair work, or in the little touches that separate a good company from a great one, Mike believes that US Boatworks goes the extra mile in terms of its devotion to integrity and pride in a job well done.

Their work is paying off; US Boatworks was recently named Kansas City’s Best Boat Dealer for 2013, the third year in a row that they have been so honored.

US Boatworks Offers Vaunted Customer Service

Part of what makes the US Boatworks experience so unique is their combination of a deep and thorough knowledge about their products combined with an easy, approachable style impossible to fake. The Kansas City based marine parts and service company has been plying their trade for over 30 years and, in that time, they have seen just about all there is to see in the marine service world. That kind of comprehensive industry knowledge in and of it self is a rare find, but what US Boatworks does so well is combine it with great customer service in a package people respect and identify with.

US Boatworks owner, Mike Tracy, has been leading his company for these past 30 years and is himself one of the premier gurus of boat motors. He has also established a crack team around him, with each member having at least 15 years of experience, and most with as much or even more than he himself has. Mike also looks for a certain kind of personality, one that customers will enjoy dealing with time and time again.

The work he has done in seeking the best of the best talent has paid off; recently, US Boatworks was named Kansas City’s Best Boat Dealer for 2013, the third year in a row that they have been so honored. With a newly revamped online shopping website, US Boatworks is able to reach out to the entire country and bring together a nationwide community of marine engine lovers. But the website will not replace the caring service mentality Mike Tracy has worked so hard to nurture; on the contrary, he sees it as a tool to spread that mentality over a far greater area, enabling US Boatworks to move from Kansas City’s Best Boat Dealer to one of the most respected in the entire country.

The Benefits of Tweeting with US Boatworks

Companies with the kind of longevity that US Boatworks has achieved can sometimes be slow to accept new changes. Without even realizing it, a mentality starts to develop that says, “Why should I change? I’m not gonna change. This has worked for me before, and I’m sticking with it.” This mentality is understandable; sometimes it feels like change is ephemeral and the important things remain constant. US Boatworks is unique among its peers in that it recognizes both the importance of tradition and the embracing of powerful new tools and technologies to reach new customers and connect like-minded people around the country.

One of the many ways US Boatworks achieves this balance is by leveraging their 30+ years of expertise in the marine engine field on new platforms, like Facebook and Twitter. They have an active Twitter feed, which they use to deliver online only specials, as well as useful boating safety information and general boating knowledge. Recognizing that Twitter is in fact a powerful marketing tool, and not just a place to post your thoughts on the latest celebrity gossip news, US Boatworks has been among the pioneers in their field in bringing the marine boating community together to join a conversation.

US Boatworks serves a niche market; they specialize in hard to find and obsolete parts for boat motors from the 1950s and beyond. In times past, if you had an old outboard from the ‘50s and it needed some obscure part, you would have to devote a serious chunk of your mental energies to tracking that part down. With the advent of online shopping, that part is just a few clicks away on US Boatworks’ new website.

Twitter has helped US Boatworks stay ahead of the curve and has fostered new conversations in the marine engine community.

US Boatworks: How Facebook is Good for Business

Technology is always a double-edged sword for companies with the kind of longevity that US Boatworks has displayed. On the one hand, new technologies can make the entire way of doing business seem archaic and dated; on the other, there is no good reason to assume that hopping on the latest bandwagon will result in anything new, since what you’ve been doing for 30 years running must be working on its own anyhow. The best and longest lasting companies, like US Boatworks, display adaptability and foresight in adopting the best new technologies to advance their company image and reach out to new customer bases.

That is precisely what Kansas City based marine boating company, US Boatworks, has done with its social media presence on Twitter and Facebook. Using Facebook, US Boatworks has been able to reach a community of like-minded outboard motor enthusiasts around the country, a feat that would have been next to impossible even a few short years ago. On their page, they offer online only discounts, useful information on boating safety, and links to articles on diverse topics relevant to the marine motor community.

With Facebook and their online store on their new website, US Boatworks has been able to increase its reach around the country and is proud to offer their huge selection of hard to find marine engine parts to this new community. Using Facebook to start a new, more connected conversation, US Boatworks has been able to combine their unshakeable core values of integrity and approachability with a modern, tech savvy package that will propel their business into its next phase.

For US Boatworks, the new technology is not a crutch but a tool to help spread their unique brand of total expertise and easy approachability to a whole new type of demographic, both locally and beyond.

US Boatworks’ Techs Have Wealth of Experience

One of the many things that sets Kansas City based marine service company, US Boatworks, apart from the competition are their employees. Anyone can amass a stockpile of engine parts, but it takes a certain kind of personality to combine an encyclopedic knowledge of those parts with an easy, approachable style that brings customers back, time and time again. These are the kind of people that US Boatworks has been fortunate enough to have on board their team.

Tim Driller, one of US Boatworks’ parts experts, has been with the company for a long time. He brings over 20 years of boating experience and is a Certified Service Manager to boot.

Service Manager, Pat Smith, has been repairing boats for over 40 years, 16 of which have been with US Boatworks. Pat knows literally everything there is to know about Evinrude motors, being an Evinrude Certified Master Technician. Pat combines expertise with a great attitude in a package that is truly one of a kind.

Boat mechanic Rick Jochem has been repairing boat motors for 40 years, as well. Rick brings with him a wealth of certifications, including Mercury Outboard Certified Technician, Mercruiser Certified Technician, and many more, and was trained as a Navy Engine Mechanic. Rick certainly knows his way around a marine engine, but it is his combination of knowledge and personality that makes him the asset he is to US Boatworks.

Owner, Mike Tracy, has been running US Boatworks for 30 years now and he himself is no slouch in terms of mechanical knowledge. In fact, you would be hard pressed to find someone in the industry with more extensive knowledge than Mike’s, except maybe for his own team. Having all these experts under one roof is just part of what makes US Boatworks a special company and a special place.

US Boatworks A Knowledgeable Family

Too many companies these days seem to spring up overnight, boasting of quick service or great selection but without any sort of depth of knowledge. Chain stores and big box stores give jobs to those who need them, but too often, what is needed is a level of expertise not to be found. At least there are still companies like US Boatworks around, who combine the best of the old school customer/expert relationship with all the relevant new technology in order to provide a top customer experience unrivaled in the field.

Kansas City’s US Boatworks, a marine parts and service company in operation for over 30 years, has spent a long time cultivating this balance, assembling a team of experts with an average of 15 years or more of experience in the boating industry, and combining this encyclopedic knowledge with an attitude of customer first friendliness and approachability. This fusion has borne fruit, with US Boatworks being named Kansas City’s Best Boat Dealer in 2013 for the third year running.

Owner, Mike Tracy, has striven to keep US Boatworks a name to be reckoned with in the marine parts business; to do so, he has brought together a world class team of experts, such as Service Manager, Pat Smith (40 years experience), mechanic, Rick Jochem (40 years experience), and parts man, Tim Driller (20 plus years experience). These folks embody the company’s ethos of expertise and affability, with the result that US Boatworks continues to be lauded for its outstanding customer service and friendly atmosphere. Dealing with US Boatworks makes you really appreciate the difference between old school, customer first business and the new, impartial approach employed by many larger businesses. Hopefully, the trend will reverse as people realize what working with a company like US Boatworks is like and how much better this approach is.

US Boatworks Profile: Pat Smith

US Boatworks’ Pat Smith knows everything there is to know about an Evinrude motor. His knowledge borders on the savant-like. Give him a model and year and Pat can tell you what distinguishes this model from the others down to the last gear ratio. You may or may not understand what he is talking about, depending whether you speak marine motor lingo, but you will instantly recognize that he knows, and knows deeply, the subject matter at hand.

This is no surprise. After all, Pat has been servicing Evinrude motors for over 40 years, the last 16 of which have been at Kansas City marine parts and service center, US Boatworks. As the company’s Evinrude Certified Master Technician, Pat brings this formidable array of knowledge to bear on servicing and repairing your engine. US Boatworks specializes in hard to find and discontinued parts, offering a vast stock, so even if you have been unable to find service elsewhere, US Boatworks may be able to help.

Perhaps the best feature about US Boatworks’ Pat Smith is his combination of encyclopedic motor knowledge, repair expertise, and downright likeability. Despite the fact that he likely knows more about engines than you ever will, he never looks down his nose at you for asking a stupid question or talks to you with a sense of superiority. Pat explains the workings of an outboard patiently, stopping whenever it seems like you don’t fully understand and going over it all again in detail.

Although you may be able to find similar service in other places, in the end, it is the people that make the difference and US Boatworks has found a great professional in Pat Smith. It is no surprise that a company with employees like Pat has been named Kansas City’s Best Boat Dealer for three years in a row now.

A Profile: US Boatworks’ Rick Jochem

There aren’t a lot of people around who know more about marine motors than US Boatworks’ Rick Jochem. After all, the mechanic has been repairing boat motors for over 40 years and has learned a thing or two about the contraptions in that time. Along the way, he has amassed a slew of certifications, including Mercury Outboard Certified Technician, Mercruiser Certified Technician, Verado Certified Technician, Volvo-Penta Certified Technician, and Optimax Certified Technician, to name a few. This makes Rick US Boatworks’ jack of all trades, able to rattle off obscure specifications of any number of marine engines in the blink of an eye. And, of course, he is also able to fix and repair any one of these engines with all the skill that 40 years of practice brings.

But the real key to Rick’s personality is his way of combining that vast bank of knowledge with an easy, approachable style that US Boatworks customers instantly relate to. Despite knowing more about marine engines than just about anyone in the country, Rick never makes you feel like a rube and never talks down to you; he always takes care to treat you like an equal, a peer with as much understanding of the subject as he has. It never feels like Rick is being patient or forcing himself to slow down, either. It just comes naturally.

Rick was previously a trained Navy Engine Mechanic and his discipline and patience shine through in all his dealings, whether it be with a customer’s needs or a cranky old engine.

Perhaps, having people like Rick on the team are what contributes to US Boatworks’ continued successes; if so, it is certainly working, as they have recently been named Kansas City’s Best Boat Dealer for 2013, receiving this honor for the third year in a row.