March 30 READ News

Updates and Resources for Educators

Important Updates to Enrich-Please read carefully!

There was an upgrade to Enrich that was needed. It fixed the link from IC to Enrich and on the positive side, you will now be able to batch print READ plans, and progress monitoring all at once.

However, it did change a bit of the functionality on the READ plan. There is no longer an option for Edit Details/Enter Outcome, but there is just Enter Outcome. The other change will be with saving as there are now choices for “Validate and Finalize”. We have attached the help sheet highlighting the changes. Please do not finalize the plans until after parent conferences and you have been able to add the parent information into the plan.

We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused, but unfortunately because of the much needed changes in Enrich, we could not delay the update until after parent conferences on April 6.

Enrich Updates Help Sheets: You need to be signed into your Aurora Google account to have access

Creating a READ Plan

Updating a READ Plan

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Updated Information on New Students to APS and READ Plans

Please follow the process below for deciding when to place a student on a READ Plan.

  1. Administer DRA-2 within 2 weeks of enrollment (this is best practice for all students)
  2. If they are at or below the cut score for that window of time (Fall, Winter, Spring) they should be on your radar for potentially needing a READ Plan.
  3. Provide precise instruction for 30 days to close any gaps you've identified based on DRA-2
  4. Re-administer DRA-2 after 30 days of instruction
  5. If they are still at or below the cut-score, administer the diagnostic testing (PALS)
  6. Meet with a problem-solving/MTSS team and the family to create a READ Plan

English Language Learners and READ Goals

At this time, we are following the same guidelines for placing any student on a READ Plan; however, ELL's have different needs and creating goals should be done with consultation from your ELA TL, Teacher Partner, or the ELA Consultant.

IF they are a level 1 or 2 according to either ACCESS data or their WIDA Placement test, and they qualify for a READ Plan, you should write ONE goal addressing their oral language development. If they are a level 3 or 4, they still need a language goal, but they may need another goal based on other data to address their greatest area of need. Please ask your ELA TL for support as needed.

State Reporting-Enrich Data Entry Deadlines

Reminder that May 8th is the deadline for all teachers to enter data into Enrich on ALL students K-5.

K-3: Enter a DRA-2 level

4th Grade: Students on a READ Plan-enter a DRA-2 level, for all others-enter either DRA-2 or BAS level.

5th Grade: Enter DRA-2 level or BAS level.

District READ Act Team

A Division of Equity in Learning partnership:
  • Elementary Literacy
  • Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS)
  • Accountability & Research
  • Exceptional Student Services
  • English Language Acquisition

For support, please contact: