CCSS Aligned Literacy, Grades K-2

Instruction to meet NH College and Career Ready Standards Based on the Common Core

About the Presentation:

The Common Core offers explicit guidance in terms of the Foundational Reading Standards for assisting teachers with that challenge. But it goes further, asking teachers to begin preparing students for close reading, where they are asked to delve deeply into texts to extract relevant information to grow their knowledge base.

This workshop will focus on how K-2 teachers can integrate close reading activities into their reading instruction, by:

  • Creating high-quality text dependent questions
  • Translating reading activities into meaningful performance tasks
  • Learning best practices in building CCSS aligned lessons and assessments- from a teacher who was part of the construction of the Common Core State Standards.

Participants will leave with a clear understanding of the CCSS for a K-2 audience and the teacher friendly tools and resources they need to successfully implement the standards in their classrooms, schools, and districts.

About the Presenter

Dr. David Pook is a New Hampshire high school and college teacher with 20 years classroom experience. In his work as an educational consultant he helped craft the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts with the Council of Chief State Officers. In conjunction with numerous consulting organizations like Student Achievement Partners, Achieve, The Aspen Institute, StandardsWork, EdFirst, and WETA, he has helped evaluate and design English and History standards, curriculum, and professional development for numerous states, districts, dioceses, and schools. David helped design the PARCC Model Content Frameworks and the CCSSO Framework for English Language Proficiency Standards. He currently has several projects underway on work aligned with the CCSS, including close reading best practices and curriculum design for ELLs. He works with both large urban districts such as Boston, New York, Chicago, Memphis, Phoenix, and Tampa as well as smaller districts in New England and elsewhere on implementation issues related to the CCSS.

David has his Master’s and doctorate in Philosophy from Indiana University, and his teaching awards include the American Star of Teaching from National Presidential Scholars Program. He lives in Warner, New Hampshire with his wife Elizabeth, daughters Beatrice and Imogen, and his Old English Sheepdog Morangie. When he’s not teaching or consulting about teaching, he reads, cooks, and stacks wood (and thinks about teaching).

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