Monday Magic Newsletter

Monday, May 21st

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Happy Monday! Congrats to all of you who made this weekend of 10 RR Shows and 2 VIBE Showcases REMARKABLE!!!

Everyone poured so much into the weekend, and it went off without a hitch! Just a reminder, this is the last week of RR classes! Next week is the last week before recital! :0 We will hold classes as normal on Monday, May 29th!

Camps and classes are filling up...please make sure to mention this to all your RR students this week and Combo 1 and up next week! :)

Have a great week, and HAVE FUN!!!



- There are a very few remaining costumes to be picked up from the office. We have emailed everyone who still has a costume, so hopefully these will be picked up this week. If you have students with fitting issues, the first step is to have them bring the costume back up to the studio and try it on for you or someone in the office.

- This WEDNESDAY will be the last day to make any costume switches etc. The remaining costumes will be shipped back on Saturday, so encourage your students this week to try their costumes on if they haven't already!

- ALL costumes for TWC kids, besides the boys, are ready and passed out. If someone hasn't received their costume, they need to email Lindsey ASAP at

- ALL boys in the concert can pick up their costumes this Wednesday after 6 at the studio they take classes in, Plano and Frisco!

Mark your Calendars:

June 2-4- Spring Concert

June 18th- Summer classes and camps begin

June 14th- KJP Summer Intensive begins


August 13th- Ballet Intensive