Madonna School Bulletin

October 8, 2018

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Lord, thank you

For All Your Gifts of Nature and of Grace.

For Health and Strength

For Homes and Family

For True Friends and Wise Teachers

For all the Blessings of this LIfe


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Bend the Rules made $384.05 on Bend the Rules Day. Thank you for supporting Valeda House

School Security

Parents / Guardians

Please WAIT at the FRONT ENTRANCE of the school when you come into the school to pick up and drop off your children.

Please DO NOT go into the hallways.

We must be very diligent on who is entering and exiting the school at all times.

Please note the only door unlocked during the day is the FRONT DOOR.

Please Do not ENTER or EXIT the door by the KINDERGARTEN classroom --> these doors are out of service.

During the Day

If your child has an appointment and you need to pick them up. Please go to the FRONT DESK OFFICE and please sign out your child. The Office will call your child to the front desk.

Volunteering at the school, please check in at the office, sign in and wear a visitor pass.

Parents, please note that we must keep the hallways and school a safe and secure place.

Thank you for understanding.

Milk Order Time ... Deadline Oct. 31st

Available online in Parent Portal only

Milk order forms are now available in your Parent Portal under “Student Fees”. The Next Quarter will run as follows: Q2 Nov 5th – Jan 30th

If you have any questions regarding this form please contact the school office at 780-467-7972.

School Council -- Fundraiser --Mundare Sausage

Mundare Sausage is now available to order. If your family is around this weekend, have them buy a few rings too. Sausage Rings $10, Sausage Rings - Gluten Free $10 .. Great Prices! Other items are available to order too.

Please click on the link to download the order form. Forms were sent home with your children last Thursday.

Upcoming Events

8 - Thanks Giving Monday School is Closed No School students and staff

9 - Swimming Lessons Gr. 1 & Gr. 3

11- BB Enchanted Forest

11- Elder Theresa in school am / No Assembly

11 - T/Th Kinder and 3L Corn Maze

11- Swimming Lessons Gr. 2 & Gr. 4

12- Pre K and M/W KInder to Corn Maze

12 - FLEX options start

16 - Swimming Lessons Gr. 1 & Gr. 3

18 - Assembly

18 - Swimming Lessons Gr. 2 & Gr. 4

23 - Swimming Lessons Gr. 1 & Gr. 3

25 - Indigenous Peoples Assembly

25 - Swimming Lessons Gr. 2 & Gr. 4

26 - FLEX

29 - Gr 3 Smeltzer House

30 - Swimming Lessons Gr. 1 & Gr. 3

30 - 4P & 4H Strathcona Care Centre

31 - BB FOP with Halloween Chef

31 - School Wide Halloween Parade in the afternoon


1 - Fire Prevention Program K & GR.1

2 - School Presentation - Rooney & Punyi

7 - BB DancePlay

7 & 8 Parent-Teachers-Student Interviews

8 - Remembrance Day Assembly

9 - Movement & Movie Day

12 - 16 NO School Fall Break

21- BB Communication Temptations

21- BB Numeracy

23- Toy n Turkey Games Night

Need Shoeboxes

If you have an extra shoe box, please send it to school with your child. Miss. Thompson needs 22 shoe boxes for her FLEX option this Friday.

Thank you.