Lewis and Clark go on a expedition

Core of Discovery

There journey in the new terriory

It started when Thomas Jefferson doubled the size of the country and bought the lousiania trade. He assigned William Clark and he called his friend Mariweather lewis to explore the new terriory. William Clark was a map maker and made sure were they were heading, brought his dog seaman. Mariweather Lewis asked to join the expedition, his job was to lead the expedition. On there they meet many Indian tribes and meet sacagawea a young shoshone who helped lewis and Clark through out there journey. One of there group member dies of a burst in there pendix. They spent there winter in the ottomen indian camp and didn't enjoy it. Sacagawea gives birth to a baby boy on the trip. They meet two indians tribes who help them and then head home in 1806.

Journal Entry sacagawea and monstrous fish

The date of this event was in January 6, 1806. It was the first time they saw a new fish species and didn't know what they where. Sacagawea was involed in this event. Another was involed is the new fish. It took place at a river that had big fish.

By Matthew Ebien-Pesa and Jake McCoy