Hannah Gibbons' Family Bulletin

March 2023

Important Dates

March 17th - End of 3rd Quarter - All Missing Work for 3rd Quarter is Due

March 20 - March 24 - No School - Spring Break

March 27 - First Day of 4th Quarter

Cell Phone Reminders

HG Families,

We want to take a moment to ask you to reinforce cellphone expectations with your scholars. Please see below.

Phones are not to be used during school. Every student is assigned a personal Yondr Pouch. While the Yondr Pouch is considered school property, it is each student’s responsibility to obtain their Pouch at entry every day and keep it in good working condition.


As students Arrive to School, they will:

  1. Turn their phone off.

  2. Open their Yondr Pouch by tapping against the Unlocking Base.

  3. Place their phone inside the Pouch and secure it in front of school staff.

  4. Store it in their backpack for the day.

At the end of the day, students will open their Pouch, remove their phone, close their Pouch and put it in their grade-level bin.

*Students arriving late or leaving early will pouch/unpouch their phones in the main office.


Pouch Damage / Lost Pouch / Using Phone During School

If a student damages their Pouch or is caught on their phone, Administration will collect the phone/Pouch and call home for a Parent Pickup.

Examples of damage:
(see picture below)

  • Ripped

  • Cut

  • Torn

  • Pen/pencil marks

  • Bent/cut pin

  • Signs of force to black button on flap

Forgotten Pouch

If a student forgets their Pouch, their phone will be collected and Admin will call home to remind the Parent of the policy. The phone will be returned to the student at dismissal.

If a student consistently forgets their Pouch, it is considered Lost.

Refer to the Lost Pouch policy above.

School Talent Show

Students can come to the school talent show fundraiser on March 10th for $1. The funds raise will help cover the cost of our field day at the end of the school year. There will also be a bake sale for students to purchase baked goods.
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