End of the Year Newsletter


End of the Year checklist

I will be giving you your end of the year checklist at the end of this week. Please be sure that your equipment is clean and neatly put together when you bring it to my office. I will be giving you a plastic bag to put all of your small equipment in. I will be collecting equipment on Thursday, May 26th. You will need to bring your things to me sometime before 1:00 so I can go through everything and make sure it is done correctly. I will have your form for you to fill out in your box. Bring your check off sheet with you when you come to my office. Thanks so much!


iPads are going to be able to be checked out this year for the summer. I will be passing out forms this week and next for you to fill out and bring with you when you turn in your other equipment. You will be responsible for this equipment if it is broken or lost. Please be mindful of this when you sign off on this form.

Room Moves

All equipment STAYS in the room that it is currently in. This includes computers, monitors, and anything else technology. DO NOT move any of these items. Some of these things were moved last year and it caused a lot of problems at the beginning of the year. I appreciate your help with this.


Teachers are being limited to 4G of storage on the h drive. I have talked to you already if you were over your limit. Most have been fixed at this time. Please be aware that you will need to be mindful of saving your items to One Drive or a flash drive if you get close to your limit. Here is a link to a video that explains how to move things to your One Drive.



Be sure that your webpage is updated for the summer.


Don't forget to complete the survey for the end of the year. It needs to be done by this Friday.

Click here for the Survey.

If I think of anything else, I will email you.