HEI Imapact

HEI impacts on land and water.

Bad practices in South America have led to negitive impacts on the environment.

Poor lumbar practices have lead to deforestation. Deforestation had lead to drying up in parts of the Amazon River.

Bad lumbar practice's inpact on land.

The practices taking place when they cut down trees causes deforestation. They use slash and burn practices where when they cut down the trunk of the tree they burn the stump. This doesn't allow the soil to receive any nutrients and even if trees could be replanted they usually aren't leaving the soil in very bad condition. The resulting lack of forest will cause major impact of the environment and the destruction of a major source of oxygen.
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Deforestations impact on water.

Because of deforestation parts of the Amazon River have begun to dry up. The greenhouse gases given off during deforestation is causing climate change. This leads to major droughts and longer dry seasons. With the lack of water this will lead to challenges for shipping and will cause desertification along the Amazon River.
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1: What is the main method of cutting down trees that has lead to deforestation.
2:What kind of impact would there be in the surrounding areas if the Amazon River completely dried up in place.