Mobile Apps

Five Mobile Apps That Can Be Used in The Classroom

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whats App and Poll Everywhere

All five of these apps can be used in the classroom ranging from grades K -12.


A teacher can create a professional account for the purpose of adding students as friends. Because almost every student has Facebook and uses it on a daily basis, it can be an advantage for classroom uses. For example, while students are scrolling through their news feed, they can also see statuses that their teacher has posted. These can be about upcoming tests or reminders of what their homework for the night is. With Facebook, I strongly encourage a separate professional account rather then adding students from a personal account.


Similar to Facebook, most students have a twitter account and use it daily. If a professional teacher account is made, students can follow the teacher on twitter. The teacher can upload content appropriate links and share modern, trending examples of what they are learning in class. Again, I stress the importance of a special professional account to interact with students online.


Instagram can be used in the classroom in several ways to keep the energy and interest levels high. For example, the teacher can upload photos and create a scavenger hunt in the classroom that all students can participate in. The account can also be filled with pictures of changes in the classroom such as a new seating arrangement or decorating for a holiday/ special event.

Whats App:

Whats App is very similar to texting, but is a free app. With the app, the students can communicate with each other and have multiple study buddies if they do not understand a concept. This app should not be used during class time, but as a way to help other students with homework or studying outside of class.

Poll Everywhere:

Poll Everywhere is an app where the students can use their phones in class to text a response to a question given by the teacher. This app can only be used with older students who have cell phones.