Which Credit Card to Choose?

Michael Griep

Choose The Style

Low interest rate, Rewards card, or whatever else you would like.

Identify why you want the card

Do you want the card for saving or do you want one just to have just in case of emergencies. Know why you are looking for the card

Identify what you need

Decide if you want a card that gains interest, cards that improve credit score, or that earn rewards


Make sure you are up to date on your credit


How much are late fee's and will you have to pay anything to get the card or have to put in the bank before you get it.

Read the fine print and apply

Before applying for a card, read through the details of the credit card offer to make sure you know what you're applying for.

Use your new card responsibly.

Make sure you don't abuse your card or use it when you don't have to.

Do research

Choose two to three credit cards for which you have good approval odds. Then, compare the two by reading credit card reviews.


How complicated is the card and do you understand it.


Pick a bank that you like that would be easy to get to or access from where you live.