It's Cold in Here!

Cornelius Drebbel and his Air Conditioner

Cornelius Drebbel: Problem Solver

Drebbel invented various secret weapons and odd machines. However, he also invented something we all know and love: the air conditioner. Imagine being trapped in a sweltering room in the summer before his invention made it tolerable. It was said that the July heat was so brutal, it kept King Henry I out of Westminster Abbey. Air conditioning has allowed everything from indoor meetings to closed-top cars.

The Air Conditioner

The air conditioner is something you're probably familiar with. Nowadays, they are filled with chemicals such as R-22 and R-410A. Drebbel's air conditioner might have worked by drawing air through a quanat (underground tunnel with vertical shafts along it) filled with cold water

Thanks to the Air Conditioner

If you've ever had a broken air conditioner, you know that it's miserable to be stuck in the sweltering heat. With the air conditioner, people could stay inside in the summer. This allowed future inventors to create things such as closed cars.

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