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Jeremiah 29:11

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What does the purchase of a t-shirt help with?

By purchasing this t-shirt you are supporting a family in need and giving them a safe & secure place to live. We are currently trying to raise funds to build Oscar's family a house in the 2015 year.

Inadequate housing is common for most families in Nicaragua. Many are living in shacks made of black plastic or in houses that need repair. The Hope Project-Hope Houses is repairing and building homes for families that they have establishing relationships through their various ministries. Oscar is part of the feeding program and Hope Academy in Sor Maria Romero.

The Hope Project-Hope Houses can build a house for $5,000. We are trying to raise funds with these t-shirts, as well as a donation website. All donations for the Hope Family Home Construction are tax deductible and 100% will go to build these homes in Nicaragua, specifically Oscar's. Here is the link for the donation site, if you would also like to donate to the building of his family's house:

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Oscar's House

Oscar's houses as you can see below does not suffice for the climate that Nicaragua brings. Oscar also lives with 8 other family members in this house, including his special needs uncle. The roof is made of black plastic which when it rains does not hold the water and the house is flooded including everything underneath, beds, clothes, food, school supplies, etc. The sides of the house are made with whatever scraps the family can find.

We would love to have your help to financially support this cause to build Oscar a house. Oscar told The Hope Project that when he grows up he "wants to be a carpenter so he can build his mother a house and chairs." Our goal is to raise enough funds to build this house for his family and to add protection to them. This house means hope for this family, provides a safe place to come at night, and also allows Oscar's family members to find jobs to support the family. Currently they do not have a door or any locks on their house, so if left unattended they would get robbed of what little they have. The new house will have doors and windows that lock to allow for freedom for this family.

Let's use these shirts to spread the word of HOPE in Nicaragua. A house means more than just's a place of love, it's protection, it's HOPE, it's a future, it's a place of refuge, it's family!