Secondary Dust Bowl

By: Emily Washaliski

Drought in California

Right now there is a drought in California that scientist believe that is could cause the net dust bowl. In California, there is a drought that has been there for four years and nobody knows when and if the dust bowl will happen. Although the drought has been there fro so long, is could happen at any second so people have to start getting ready and prepared for a cloud of dust billowing over them.

Could it happen again?

The last Dust bowl was gucafying to poeple mostally because they werent prepared, but even thiugh were would be better prepared doesnt mean that we would get through it better. The people in the 1930'S TO 1940's didn't know that there was going to be a dust bowl, but the poeple in the 2000's know when the Dust bowl is comming but will it have the same effect on us, or will it be even stronger than the last one? The Dust bowl was ferocious then but now it might be worse and peopel think that they are going to be prepared but they are working hard to find out soluions to stay away from the dust in the air.