Roman Empire

By: Hunter Hazen

Welcome to Rome

Rome was an interesting place. The Roman period took place from around 700 B.C. to abut 100 B.C. Rome was a very strong nation. They always had something going on. Here are some of the things they did.

The Punic Wars

The Punic Wars were a hard time for Rome. The wars turned Rome into a nation of soldiers. Almost all the men had to fight.Rome had only one rival, but fought in multiple wars. Rome fought in three wars, the first against the Carthagin forces, the second against the nation of Hannibal, and again the third Carthagin. The Punic Wars began in 246 B.C. and ended 100 years later (146 B.C.). Rome is the chief in land power.

The Gauls Sack Rome

Another long battle period for Rome was The Gauls Sack Rome. Rome had gotten burned by the Gauls during the war. Romans fought against the Gaul forces for two years. One century later Rome took the Gauls territory. After the Battle of Sentinium, only the southern part of Italy remained independent. Rome is supported by Latin cities.

Struggles Between Rich and Poor

There were many stuggles between the rich and the poor. The wealthy landowners (rich) fought the poor for political power. The landowners also reduced slavery to get more money for themselves (this was kind of a win-win for the slaves and the rich). Another thing that the wealthy landowners did was put a limit on how many acres a farm/house could have which was 300. While the rich did this, the poor got stronger. THe Roman Empire's most powerful enemies were the Etruscan forces.

Conclusion for Rome

As you can see Rome has had many struggles and