Современная Россия (Modern Russia)

By: Jacob Hill, Zack Leach, Steven Tran

U.S. and Soviet Union Relations During WWII

  • The United States(U.S.) and Russia(Soviet Union) didn't have good relations before World War II, but their alliance was very important.
  • Without Russia's help, we and Great Britain would have suffered and lost WWII, but with their alliance together they defeated Nazi Germany.
  • President Franklin Roosevelt didn't want any relations with the Soviet Union, but we discovered that they needed the help to win the war also known as the "Great War".
  • During the war, they were close to losing their alliance and being at even bigger risk, but they stuck together.
  • One major incident was when the Soviet Union ordered for a eastern front when their western front was being invaded, so Roosevelt promised one and it got postponed twice making Stalin explode. After that, the U.S. heard that there would be separate peace negotiations with the Soviet Union and Germany, but it never happened, we think.
  • When Franklin Roosevelt died, Harry S. Truman took his place, had a rough start, but later won the war just months later after Roosevelt's death.
  • Though after WWII, the Cold War took place which had the U.S. and Soviet Union fighting. All in all, we defeated Germany with the help of Russia and Great Britain.

Sputnik and The Cold War

  • Sputnik was the first artificial satellite successfully placed in orbit around Earth.

  • Launched on October 4, 1957 from Baikonur Cosmodrome (world’s first and largest operational space launch facility).

  • The Soviet Union began the “Space Race” when they launched the Sputnik.

  • The war was between the US and Russia, though there wasn’t any fight. Hence the name “Cold War.”

  • The war started for many reasons including: Russia being communist, and the U.S. building nuclear weapons.

  • The Cold War extends to space (It was a race to see who could get to the moon first.

  • President Nixon tried to stop the war and tensions between the two countries a policy called “détente (relaxation)” toward the Soviet Union.

  • As the Soviet Union began to disappear, Premier Mikhail Gorbachev took office and created 2 new policies that redefined Russia’s relationship with the rest of the world.

Russia Today

  • Russia has a federal or a Federation as government
  • The President and Prime minister are the highest point in the government
  • The current President Vladimir Putin appoints the Prime Minister and revoke laws passed by the government
  • The current Prime Minister is Dmitry Medvedev, he is equivalent to our vice president
  • Russian Ruble is the currency they use
  • Russia lost the title of a World power but has regained it back
  • The government spends 56.2% of the countries money, making it a corrupt country
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