S & S 411--10/21

Secondary Learning update from Shane and Sheila

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Failure is often the first ingredient in the recipe for success. -Anonymous

Looking for a Twitter Follow: Try Pam Moran (@pammoran)

At our most recent conferences, we have heard about Pam Moran a number of times and her leadership in celebrating innovative practices. She is a superintendent in Virginia who does a remarkable job sharing out student learning that you may glean some ideas from. It's great to watch more of you as leaders and schools share your learning experiences out on social media!

Intangibles/Contribution/Soft Skills/4 C's

At the link below is an intriguing quick summary of an article regarding colleges looking at ways to admit kids outside of the usual 'achievement' measures. The content of the article hearkens to the work on Profile of a Learner and how we can measure 4 C's and beyond.


Looking forward to site visits!

Site visits have been scheduled with building principals. These visits will entail a 30-min. +\- conversation with Shane (Sheila will join as she can) around your growth plans. In addition, we will dialogue around questions along the lines of the following:
  1. How is the ERP vision focus shared with teachers in your bldg?

  2. Leadership capacity: How are you currently developing leaders in your bldg?

Celebrations and Highlights

  • Jarrett Showcase was held October 20th. The Showcase featured student performance and great things taking place at Jarrett.

  • A team of Jarrett debate students took the win at Missouri State!

  • A team of 3rd and 7th grade teachers worked together to plan the Common 4 Cs Performance Assessment Project. The goal is to learn more about how/if to assess the 4 Cs using a rubric-based approach. Should be interesting learning!

  • Cherokee students took 1st in the 1st SPS Middle School Scholar Bowl!

  • Keep sending us your celebrations to include in our Smore and share with all!

Attendance Data Audits - COMING SOON

During the back to school Attendance Training sessions, Dr. Courtney Martin and Amy St. John shared the 2016-17 SPS Attendance Manual (https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B4D16XSCKoUJMlc5YWQwei1TdG8). In effort to best support buildings and remain in compliance with DESE financial reporting, the department of Assessment, Accountability & Analytics (AAA) will monitor attendance code usage, absentee daily report, teachers not taking attendance report, physical Time In/Time Out log sheets at the building. The overall Average Daily Attendance (ADA) by student and building must be accurate in a timely manner. This includes ensuring all teachers are taking attendance. This data is utilized for budgeting and accountability purposes. In the coming weeks, members of the AAA team will visit buildings to review above stated and on the job training as needed.

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Information from Brady Quirk re: Tower feedback/observations

As first quarter ends, you might take a quick look at your accumulated feedback/observations in Tower thus far. A quick way to do that is go to the Reports tab to Observation Counts by Educator. Remember the goal is get them into the Finalized column. At this point, in a perfect world J, you would have:

· At least 2 data points finalized for the new teachers in years 1-2

· Teachers with 3-5 years of experience should have at least 1-2 data points finalized

· Tenured on-cycle would have at least one data point finalized

· Tenured off cycle should have at least one finalized prior to end of semester

Remember that “data points” can be either the Observation Tool or the Indicator Feedback Tool.

Finally, scan your list of educators – ALL growth plans should have been initiated by teachers in September. If anyone has an empty orange circle next to their name, it has not been started. A partial blue circle means it has at least been initiated, and a full green circle means both teacher and administrator have “completed” it by entering PIN (this is optional to do now OR later in the year when you finalize everything).

Please email me with any questions – thanks, Brady
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Visit SPS Update

The Visit SPS process is live and groups of leaders, educators and students are visiting SPS to learn from the great things taking place across our district. As a reminder, if you get an external request to visit your building refer them to this new process. You can find Visit SPS link on the SPS web site home page. If the group has a unique need and the dates/times outlined on the form do not fill that need, they still need to complete the form. There is a new option they can select to connect directly with Christine Jones, who will assist them in the scheduling process. Please direct any questions to Christine Jones, cajones@spsmail.org

Nuts, Bolts and FYIs

  • Explore Update: The Explore Team met on Wednesday, October 19th. The Explore Team updated Program Leaders who are involved with Explore. Departments represented were: Health Services, Nutritional Services, Special Education Services, School Police Services, Counseling Services, Communications, Finance, Human Resources, IT, Capital Construction, Purchasing and Distribution, Records, Risk Management and Transportation. The Explore Calendar and Site Locations were two items discussed. Please ask Sheila if you have questions related to Explore.

  • Choice/Transfer Study Update: One of the strategic projects currently taking place is a Choice/Transfer Study. The work teams for this project consists of leaders from across our K-12 spectrum. These teams will collaborate to design a choice program marketing and communication plan that takes into consideration both internal and external needs, as well as the issue of access and equity for all interested learners. While this work will take place over the current school year, a related pilot is taking place this fall at the middle school level. The pilot consists of creating a consistent timeline for the application/selection process of Reed Academy, Pipkin, Scholars and the Health Sciences Academy. To keep consistency amongst the magnet programs, Academy of Exploration and WOLF will also follow the same timeline. The new application/selection timeline for these programs will coincide with the transitional transfer process that begins November 1 and closes on December 2. The objective for the unified timeline is two-fold. First, we want to make it easier for families to know the options available and how to apply to those programs. Second, a unified timeline that is complete prior to the December holiday break will assist in having a more accurate account of where students will be attending and FTE allocations for the following year. Learning from this pilot will also contribute to the recommendations in the larger year-long Choice/Transfer study.