Spring has Sprung, Avid Earthlings!

Fresh + New Wellness Packages

30-day *RENEW MY HEALTH* Wellness Program

This is a program that will nourish your body from the inside out. In 30 days, not only will you be looking and feeling better, you will have learned to start to embrace a balanced life. I believe that once you have created the habit of putting your health and wellness first, you can react to life with more energy, pure joy and happiness. So whether you are wanting to get that beach body ready, lose some weight, rev up the mind / body connection, or cleanse - RENEW MY HEALTH will get you glowing inside and out!

8-week *REVITALIZE MY LIFE* Wellness Program

Re-establish your amazing health, potential and balance with an 8-session REVITALIZE MY LIFE program. The 8-week REVITALIZE is designed to support you in creating lasting and permanent weight loss that results in a healthier lifestyle, more energy, more confidence and a greater sense of fulfillment . Over the course of eight sessions we will go in-depth in the areas of nutrition, health, self care, and move through blocks and challenges that sabotage your weight loss and lifestyle goals. Most importantly, you have on-going weekly support and the accountability to put your vision into action and achieve tangible results.

Avid Earthling Health + Wellness

Keri is a Certified Holistic Health Coach (CHHC), Wellness Strategist, Leadership Maven + Personal Growth junkie. She supports passion-seeking career women and/or Moms who oscillate between fatigue & anxiety or have difficulty losing weight. She supports her clients in bringing their lives back to balance and alignment through holistic wellness and realistic life-design strategies that fit for them!