Inter's Third Grade Newsletter

September 7th-September 11

This week in Singapore Math!

This week we are continuing Chapter 5-Bar Models. We will use bar models to solve 2-step, real world problems involving addition and subtraction. Chapter 5 Test will be Wednesday. The rest of the week we will review skills and strategies learned from Chapters 1-5.

This week in Literacy by Design!

This week we will be starting Theme 3 Week 1-What is Light? The Comprehension Skill for this week is Infer- Using your own ideas to help you understand what you read. For Grammar and Word Study we will be reviewing long vowels, and sentence structure. We will be introducing complex sentences. The vocabulary for this week includes monitor, pattern, projected, beam, and absorption.

This week in Science!

Our first science unit is Forces! Students will learn what it means to think like a scientist. This week, through readings and investigations, student will make discoveries about how magnetism and gravity interact with various objects.


Bar Models Workshop!

For our second parent workshop of the year Mr. Tom is going to offer parent training on the 7 steps to model drawing. As we all know drawing bar models is a critical part of the math in focus program, and a very helpful tool for students. Since bar models are as new to parents as they are to most students Mr. Tom will provide you with an understanding of why bar models are so important, and how to do bar models with you children. There will be three session of this workshop. Each session will be the same, so you only have to attend one of them to get all of the information, just choose the date and time that works best for you. All of the workshops will be held in the elementary multi purpose room.

Monday September 7th at 3:30

Tuesday September 8th at 4:30

Wednesday September 9th at 7:30

RAZ Kids- Please make sure your child is reading 20 minutes a night. As a Third Grade Team we are tracking how many books the class has read. Please email your section teacher if you have any questions.

*There will be an Independence Day celebration on September 10th!

*Mercadito will take place on September 11th!

*We will have a 4-day weekend starting September 12th and ending September 15th. School will resume September 16th!