Stop The Horrible Coal Mining Labor

Women and Children are in danger working in mines

unofficial child slaves

If you a kid you have to haul heavy loads of coal up a steep small tunnel to the top of the mine in complete darkness and breathing in coal dust. They also had to deal with collapsing tunnels, flooding, explosions and some times they breathed in so much coal dust they got black lung. Some times there are kids in the mine younger than 5 and there working hours were long, sometimes they would go days with out seeing the sun. Would you let your 5 year old son/daughter work like this for low wages.

women in the mines

Women working in the mines did things just like the kids working there but it was a bit harder. Instead of hauling carts of coal up small tunnels on all fours, they carried big baskets of coal up ladders as long as 10 miles strait up. Most women who worked in the mines became deformed or died due to accidents. Although women got paid more then the kids there wages was still low.

men doing the easy work

The men did the mining and the digging the loaded the carts for the women and children to carry. Men were more likely to survive a cave in then the women or children. Men get paid the most for the little bit of work they did

will it get better?

Will this get better will they make it so kids have to be a certain age to work? Will kids get educated and get paid more for what they do? will the women get treated better? Will the workers be treated like humans instead of slaves? I think it will when the public sees what is going on. I just hope the labor is reduced for the women and children.