Going To Belgium

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All About Belgium

Belgium was formed in 1957 which makes it one of the founding countries in Europe. Belgium wasn't part of a diffent country at anytime. Belgium is located in the northeast part of Europe next to Germany and France.

What The Colors Mean On The Flag of Belgium

Belgium's flag is black, yellow, and red and it stands for freedom and revolution.

Capital and four big cities

Belgium's capital is brussels and four big cities are Antwerp, Flandersand Ghent,Flanders and Charleroi, Wallonia and Liege, Wallonia.

Some Great Places To Go In Belgium

Some great places to go are Brussels, Antwerp, Bruges, Ghent, Liege, Spa, and Namul. Physical features are coastal plain, and central plateau.

Type of government Belgium

Belgium has a democracy under constitutional monarchy.

The Currency Belgium Uses

The currency Belgium uses is the euro but before the euro Belgium used Belgian France or BEF

3 Facts

Belgian motorway is the only man-made structure.

Highest income than any OECD country.

A Belgian founded New York City.