Collaborative Teaching

Learning Team D

Commonly regarded as, Co-Teaching

Two or more teachers delivering instruction at the same time in the same physical space to a heterogeneous group of students.

A. Model of Collaborating Teaching
B. Example of Collaborative teaching
C. Benefit to Student
D. Benefit to Educator

Model of Collaborating Teaching

1. One teach one observe

*One teacher delivers the instruction while the other observes student learning and assesses student understanding and academic functioning

2. One teach One Assist

*One teacher will take the lead in providing instruction while the other moves around the classroom and assist student who may be struggling.

3. Parallel Teaching

*The class is divided in half and the same materials are presented at the same time.

“When collaborating teaching is implemented correctly, it can be a very successful way to teach all students in the classroom. However, uniform teachers can poorly implement this model which will not yield positive results for the students. For this reason, teachers should train together and have a good relationship with each other”.